After my B. Tech, I did start my career in one of the most successful institutions of that era for the preparations for IITJEE. In the first few years, I did realize that it is not the Career Making at the Cost of Money, but simply a process of Money making at the Cost of Students’ Career.
Parents pay hefty amount of money for bright future of their children. Students also do have very high aspirations, but the classes are conducted without realizing the student’s potential. They are being taught anything (relevant/irrelevant) on the name of IITJEE / NEET which is far from their school curriculum. There is no synchronization between school studies and course being flown in the coaching. It leads to poor performance of students in school. Very few of them are actually able to cope up with this kind of irrelevant teaching. Almost 90% of the class slowly start shifting to their school studies and compel their parents for extra tuitions for school syllabi. Parents feel deserted but since its matter of their best investment in the life, so they pay double for the same aspirations.
This is what an idea of GURUDHAM conceived, which blends the two studies, which are basically same. We at gurudham, have faculties from the field of IITJEE / NEET Training, who all have developed expertise in competition teaching as well as school studies synchronizations.
Director, Co-founder

February 4, 2019

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